Phoebe & Co.

Phoebe & Co. Exclusive Stickers


We hope you feel the love and the message behind these stickers! 

Here are the details behind each one:

Wear What You Want: Just your friendly reminder to wear whatever makes you feel beautiful and confident! Wear the shorts, wear the crop top, or wear a full sweatsuit! Wear what makes feel as stunning as you are. 

I Am Worthy: No matter your weight gain or loss, your mental health struggles, or what anyone tells you, you are worthy of all things your heart desires. You are worthy of love. You are worthy to treat yourself. You are WORTHY.

Wear The Dress Girl: This one's for my girls who are hesitant to wear a certain clothing item because they think they're body isn't "ready" yet. JUST WEAR THE DRESS, GIRL. Your body is ready and worthy! 

P&Co. Group: Phoebe & Co. is all about being inclusive because every body deserves to be represented in fashion. The details on this sticker are so awesome! 

Sticker Pack: Get all four for a cheaper price! 

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